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Welcome to Global Aberdeen! We created this page to collect research, ideas, thoughts and messages of multiculturalism, diversity, openness and welcome that we believe is representative of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.


Photo by Paul Fritts, Wikimedia Commons

The above tribute to Kurt Cobain was installed by the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee in Aberdeen, Washington, USA, but the message rings true for our own Aberdeen, Scotland, as well!


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Brexit Sound Swap: a Sonic Petition

bLgemKYlThis may be of interest to some of you following this page:

Brexit Sound Swap:

“as the uk begins the process of separating itself from europe, this project aims to assert the value of collaboration.

think of it as a sonic petition, each sound uploaded a mark of agreement that music is an idea in a dialogue with a stranger.”
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120 Nationalities

welcome1Did you know that the University of Aberdeen is the proud home of staff and students of 120 different nationalities? Our community thrives because of this. These are just some of the many ways that the members of our community say welcome.






Resources for Aberdeen Uni students and staff

eu-flagJust one day after the EU Referendum, University Principal Ian Diamond issued this message to the University community, including staff, students and future students alike. In his words:

We are an institution with a global outlook and reach. I can assure everyone that throughout the transition period that will now follow we will work with Government and stakeholders across the UK and European higher education sectors to ensure we make sure our voice is heard in the discussions that will help protect our many links with the EU.

I wish to take this opportunity to emphasise how highly our EU students and colleagues are valued and have personally written to all those affected to assure them of our commitment to them as members of the University of Aberdeen family, now and going forward.

The university has also set up an email address for any queries or concerns relating to Brexit, should staff or students have questions of how the vote might directly impact them. A number of resources can be found on the University website, including this FAQ for EU members of staff.

UCU: Cradle To Grave Conference

cradle_to_grave_rainbow1I’m pleased to invite you to watch this short film of our annual ‘Cradle to Grave’ conference which took place on 11 February 2017 bringing together progressive voices in defence of public education. This year the focus was on what a post-Brexit future holds for further and higher education and we were lucky to have an excellent range of speakers including shadow chancellor John McDonnell MP, author Melissa Benn, political commentator Steve Richards, and academics Professor Kalwant Bhopal, Dr Vicky Duckworth, Dr Rob Smith and Sir Peter Scott. The event saw the launch of our booklet produced with Refugee Action challenging negative perceptions about refugees and a central theme of the day and of Sally Hunt’s speech was the urgent need for us as educators and trade unionists to stand up for progressive values and against the racism of Donald Trump and the populist Right.

‘Aberdonians in the Americas’

A new exhibition at the University of Aberdeen’s King’s Museum (10 January – 27 May) explores the lives of five local collectors who travelled to Latin America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They went to seek their fortunes for different reasons – as explorers, doctors, miners, or missionaries – and met cultures and experiences strikingly different from their lives at home.

Aberdonians in the Americas’ draws on the University of Aberdeen’s rich Latin American collections to explore the hidden stories behind the donations that these collectors made to the University of Aberdeen of material relating to their work and travels. It includes objects whose connections with local collectors were re-discovered during the course of the exhibition, from a stalactite from a Bolivian tin mine to a ‘diabolical’ mata mata turtle that was fished out of the River Amazon.

A public lecture associated with the exhibition will take place on 14 March, at 7:30.

Adventuring Aberdonians: the lives, travels and collecting of James W. H. Trail and John McPherson, Professor Patience Schell, University of Aberdeen. Regent Building Lecture Theatre.


Polish Migration to Scotland

Read here about the results of a project based at the University of Aberdeen, which explored the obstacles and difficulties that face Polish and other East European migrants to Scotland, but also suggests some solutions. Karin Friedrich led a programme financed by the Scottish University’s Inisight Institute in 2015, before the European Referendum changed the whole climate. Magda Czarnecka, a Polish community activist who worked from the Fife Migrants Forum and the Charity Feniks in Edinburgh, conducted a survey among Polish citizens living in the UK to find about their attitudes towards Brexit.

Linking Northern Communities socially, culturally and economically 

Polish citizens’ in the UK attitudes towards Brexit


Photo by Karin Friedrich